Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me again

With everything going on I forgot to show you my progress on Thine Is The Trick And The Treat. I stitched on this a good part of last week until I ran out of black DMC, I know who runs out of black thread. Well I guess me and my LNS because when I went to buy more they were out as well.

I have the top 3 pages completely done so just need to fill in the gaps on the bottom half. I'm heading into the city on Thursday so hopefully can get some black thread then. So the next time you see this piece hopefully I'll be doing a happy dance.

Now to get a wound up, sugared up Birthday boy to bed then I can stitch. Thank you to everyone who sent little Kenny Birthday wishes, he had a fun 3rd Birthday.


  1. Sounds like Kenny had a wonderful birthday!

    Your progress looks amazing! You'll be done before you know it! Be safe heading into town later this week!

  2. oh my, I know the feeling of running out of white now I try to keep black, ecru and white ahead. If I buy one then I buy at least 2 more to keep ahead! I really like the piece you are working on. so many are doing it and it looks like fun.

  3. It's looking good. It should be done in no time!