Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14

And yes another long story. I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I would be stitching another Christmas stocking after my last miscarriage I wasn't going to be stitching anything for this baby until I was close enough not to worry about anything. That hasn't stopped me from looking for ideas and looking at all the stocking patterns that I already owned. So when the crazy 15 challenge came up I knew that 1 of my picks was going to be a stocking, as several of my online friends can comment on I have become obsessed with stockings. At 1 point I had over 30 on my list to pick from, so I finally narrowed it down to the 5 I liked best then got DH opinion on the matter. His response "Your not doing one from the same series as the other kids have", so there went my 5 picks and I went back to my pile of old "Cross Stitch and Country Craft" magazines and pulled all of the stocking issues. We are pretty sure we are having another boy but still haven't picked a name yet. Seeing as they all start the same I thought I would just do the top border of the stocking, will put this away until after the baby is born and named. My progress on day 14's project.

I will be back tomorrow with my last start to share and seeing as it is already 10 PM here , I can promise it will just look like a brown blob.

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  1. Lol we picked the same day to start our stockings. So you still haven't technically picked which stocking yet huh?