Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7 and another new start

So the challenge is at the half way mark. Yesterday as I was looking through what was left in my basket I came to the conclusion that I had picked way to many Christmas/winter/ snowy pieces so with much thought I removed some of the charts from my what I had left and went through my stash pile again. So I think I'm finally happy with my selections, I hope. So unfortunately with picking new charts it meant looking for fabric, I'm trying as much as possible to use what I have on hand. So after lunch I got my dyes out and dyed a few pieces of fabby. By the time I was ready to stitch I just needed a warm iron to finish drying the piece I was using. All in all I am very happy with the progress I made on yesterdays stitching which was "Charmed Water Garden" by Hinzeit.

The chart was model stitched using Weeks dye works and sampler threads but the colours are also listed for DMC and as I'm trying to stick to a stitching budget this year, DMC it was. I don't think this way take to many days of stitching to be in the finished pile.
My big problem on the 16Th will be deciding which of the 15 pieces to work on first.


  1. Anonymous8.1.11

    Looks good =)

  2. Oh I love Hinzeit designs, they have so much choice now from when I first found them. Look forward to seeing progress on this one.

  3. I have some questions - How much fabric do you buy at a time? You are always dying your own and it just got me to wondering. Is it cost effective? And a stitching budget -- how did you arrive at your figure?

    Water garden is off to a wonderful start!

  4. what kind of dye so you use? So far I only use fruits and coffee as well as teas....the specialty teas are nice. I like the shade of the fabric you are using on this piece.

  5. Nice start! I missed this at the beginning of the year. I'm contemplating starting it February.

    I have some tea dye that I've used on some stitching projects. I'm not sure how much fabric I've got except for the 2 things of Aida I bought :p I knew I needed some for snowmen but I bought more over Christmas thinking I needed some! Ah well it can be a Love Quilt Square :)