Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4 of the crazy Challenge and a Wednesday Update

So after my great start to yesterday's challenge. I head into town to get groceries and return some video's. When I returned home it was time to start cooking for the hungry family. Then it was play time, bath time, story time and finally time for jammies for Kenny. So I got a late start to stitching yesterday but considering all I am happy with the results. Here is the start to Snowflake Serenade

With the 15 day Challenge going on I haven't had much time to work on the Christmas Sampler that I'm doing a SAL with Cat and Wendy. It doesn't look like much has changed but I've finally frogged the rest of the problem areas and managed to get most of it restitched. So even though the picture hasn't changed much there is actually a lot of stitches in.

Off to get ready all my tests from yesterday were bumped to today. SO I have a NST at the hospital, a growth ultrasound scheduled, plus blood work to do, then I have to go see the Doctor. So no promises on how much stitching there will be to show for Day 5 tomorrow. Wishing everyone a safe and warm day.


  1. Fantastic start. The coffee-dyed fabric looks great.

  2. both pieces are looking good...
    Good luck with the tests....

  3. Oooo -- the Christmas sampler is gorgeous. Here's another pattern I haven't seen before ... sigh ... so many patterns, so little time.

    I like all your crazy starts .... I hope your teests go well tomorrow.

  4. That's a great start to me!

    I love the color changes you made in the Christmas sampler :o)

    Good luck with your tests.

  5. Your fabric looks great, love the color. I still think you are crazy for doing this challenge but I love all the projects you have going.

  6. I love this one! I can't wait to see your progress!