Monday, September 27, 2010

Maybe I am back.

Hmmmmm scary thought I know, LOL. So I have been stitching a little in between making jam and pickles, trying to use up the last of the garden bounty. My 2 and half year old boy has become fascinated by my stitching but not the good kind. No sir not my little guy, do you think think he would sit quietly and watch Mommy work. Well if you haven't guessed the answer is no, he tries to grab the thread, tries to poke his own imaginary needle into my fabric, basically anything possible to bug Mommy. So here is my progress on my afghan.

I just need to go along and put the top coat of blue over all those half stitches, not sure I like this 2 different colours in 1 stitch idea.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A New Day And A New Start

So before we get into the stitchy stuff, I just had to share with you the new blog I found. But be warned you will gain weight, and don't blame me. So here it is so far I've made the Abigail's Hotel Copycat Tomato Cheddar Loaf which was to die for, I left out the bacon because my teenage daughter is a vegetarian but it was still yummy. I also made the Lemon Tart yesterday, I really can't comment on that cause my family didn't leave me any the three of them finished it off while I was out shopping. Guess I will have to try that one again. I'm also trying the olive oil crackers that are on today's post just waiting for the dough to finish chilling. So if you like baking go and check out this site everything looks so yummy.

So at the beginning of the post I mentioned stitchy so the good news is I'm stitching again, I started something new. My friend is expecting her first baby so I thought I would give an afghan a try, not too sure I like stitching on the fabric but it might grow me on.

As you can see its not much of a start but it is a start, this chart calls for a weird way to stitch. I've tried to explain it to 3 people so far and I'm not doing a great job so I thought that I would post a pic to show you what I mean

I've never had a chart call for 2 colours before in one stitch like that. Have a wonderful fun filled day everyone.