Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13

Day 13 flew by for me, with all my Dr's appointments and tests. I was right though I got tons stitched after a long day finally arrived back home brought in all my stuff and the groceries. Got everything put away and started supper, and thought I have time to put in a few stitches. So went to grab my stitching bag from my purse and it wasn't there, hmmmm, checked Kenny's bag, checked the car, checked everywhere. Even sent DH out to check the car, finally noticed the answering machine flashing guess what I left my stitching at the Dr's. So what is a bound and determined girl to do, guess I could have waited to post day 13's picture but I thought what the heck. So I grabbed some more fabby unfortunately not the 32 count called for, but rather 28, and started stitching. The first ornament is done except for the rag doll and this is how far I got last night on the second one.

So when I finish both of them, I will post pictures of both then hold a little draw. The 32 count one I will finish as an ornament and the 28 count one will be finished as a no sew cube, the winner will get to pick the one they want.

On more bad stitchy news, my fabby finally arrived for my day 15 pick but when I opened it they had sent me the wrong colour and count size. Accidents happen but now what to do about day 15 pick something different or wait until the right fabric arrives. Decisions decisions.


  1. Ohhh noooo thats bad :( re the fabric and ooooo put me down for the draw first baggsies
    well done though on not giving up and being resourceful:) love mouse xxx

  2. Lol there goes that pregnant brain again. Good progress on the second one. You know your prolly just going to pick a different project for day 15 :)