Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 of the crazy Challenge problems

You will laugh at my pregnant mommy brain. Went to my basket and flipped through what was left and do you think any of the 12 charts jumped out at me and demanded to be stitched no. So instead of walking away and coming back later when I sure they would all be screaming at me at once. Nope not little old me, so instead I waddled over to my filing cabinet of stash and started looking. I'm so bad, so I finally found something that screamed at me "Snowflake Serenade" by Country Cottage Needleworks. So big sigh of relief I have something to stitch today, then onto pulling thread, yep I have all the colours called for. So only one thing left fabric, think I'm going to get lucky nope. Don't have the called for colour, but I'm bound to have something that should work in my stash. Wrong again, its snowing so I didn't want to drive to the not so local LNS. So what is a girl to do, hmmm. The answer white fabric and add coffee. So just waiting for the coffee pot to finish running through then I will antique my fabby and hope the white thread will show up. So its 2PM on January 4th and I have yet to stitch 1 stitch on my day 4 project. Hopefully if your still reading I will be back in the morning to share a pic.


  1. Of course I will be back tomorrow to see the results....

  2. Lol hope the coffee ends up working!