Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5 of the crazy challenge

Day 5 got off to a slow start yesterday. After all my tests at the hospital then to my Doctor's office it seemed like is was a long day, I was looking forward to sitting down and relaxing. My little mountain climber had other plans it seems and decided to have a climbing adventure. I came around the corner to find him standing on the arm of the office chair by the computer. It all happened so fast I'm not exactly sure what he hit his head on, all I remember is the blood being all over his head. so back to the hospital for stitches we went. So my first few stitches hit my fabric at about 10 last night. This is the "Giraffe Family" by Vervaco, I stitched the fabric to 18 count instead of the called for 14.

Well another busy day filled with appointments but at least I get to go to the LNS, hopefully she'll have black thread in by now. Tomorrow I'm having a me day filled with nothing but stitches well that's the plan anyway.


  1. Awwwwww I hope Kenny is alright!

  2. Oh no .... I remember when my son was about 2 and he did something similar .. I went to the ER in socks and no shoes, cause I was in such a panic!! I hope he's feeling better!!!

  3. ahh, sorry about the stitches. you had a rough day. Hopefully you are getting some down time.