Monday, March 28, 2011

A late Monday update

Before we get to the stitchy stuff. I've had a lot of comments about finding time to stitch and blog and being a new mom. Its all an optical illusion I'm afraid, to tell you the truth. My blogging happens during Sam's 3 AM feeding so forgive my spelling errors and typos, also forgive me if I do not always leave comments I have the best of intentions on coming back to post one. My stitching time usually happens after Sam's 5:30 feeding but unfortunately at 5 the frog happens to pay a few visits. Yesterday I had a grand total of 1 stitch put in by 10:30 at night. So like I said its all an illusion that I have it all together cause to tell you the truth my life is unraveling faster then unserged fabric.

Here is my progress on Christmas from last week.

I had hoped to be further along on this one, oh well back into the crazy basket for another project and this week its "Fishing Buddies" a dimension kit. I was so looking forward to working on this one, until I got it out and was looking at it. I just could not figure out what looked wrong about it then it hit me I had started stitching it in January the wrong way on the fabric, so instead of stitching tonight I have been ripping. Darn old frog, oh well more bits for the TUSAL jar.

I'll be back later in the week with some updated pics of Samuel for those that are interested.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got to love the mail man

Warning picture heavy post. I've been blessed with awesome mail lately, you have to love blogging friends. Last week the mail man delivered a lovely parcel from Denise at riversidestitching, she was kind to send a baby gift for little Samuel.

and a picture of Sam wearing the sleeper.

I just love the little feet on the sleeper. Thank you Denise, your friendship means a lot to me.
Then I received the most amazing RAK from Chris at alwayssmiling here is a picture of what she sent.

I adore the sweater she knitted for Samuel, seems Sam was born on the same day as her son was.

I've always been afraid to try a needle roll so I was delighted to see this and will treasure it always.

She also included this cute little kit for making a card.

I did warn you that this was picture heavy, so if your still reading one last picture my feeble attempt at stitching for last week. Frosty and feathered friends has not grown very much.

Hopefully will have better luck with this weeks rotation, which was day 10 from the crazy challenge "Christmas" by Jardin Prive. I forgot just how little stitching time you have with a newborn.
Thank you everyone that stops by and leaves comments.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thread Gathering

I was hoping this would have been a happy dance, but I spent so much time this past week getting of DD stuff ready for her trip. She will be landing in Toronto in another hour then a short 2 hour wait and she will be off for 8 days to Paris, France. I wish it was me but I'm so excited for her and she's bringing me French Stash so I'll be happy. So Thread Gathering gets put back into the basket until its next turn in the pecking order.

Mondays and Tuesdays are my Christmas Sampler and I'm happy to report that I have almost all the stitching done but I haven't picked out my beads yet. So this weeks rotation of the crazy 15 is "Feathered and Frosty Friends" it might be getting an early start unless I go out shopping tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Is getting closer. One more Monday, Tuesday combo and the stitching will be finished. I was going to order beads this morning but I think I will make the long drive to the not so friendly not so local LNS. I have not worked with beads before so I would rather see the colours and size in person. So hopefully one day this week I find a reason to go to the city. So hopefully not to many more updates will result in a happy dance.

This was Sam yesterday at 2 weeks, they grow so fast.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another one off the list

This weeks crazy piece went very well. All that's left to do is to decide on finishing. If I frame it I will add the charms to it, at the moment I'm leaning towards making it into a throw pillow. So here is Charmed Water Garden by Hinzeit design. The dragonfly's wings show up better in person, still thinking about back stitching around them so they show up better.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I'll be back on Wednesday with the Christmas Sampler.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Moon TUSAL Update

Another new moon, where is the time going. A big Thank You to Daffycat for hosting this years TUSAL. I had plans to take my pic outside today but mother nature had other plans. Sorry about another crummy picture but on the good news I'm buying a new camera this weekend. Unfortunately I'll only have it for 10 days before it goes on vacation with my daughter, who will be leaving soon for 8 days in France.

So a variety of colours went into the jar this month with a lot of red and green from my Christmas Sampler.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Late Wednesday Update

A day late but by the time I got my power back on last night just couldn't be bothered to update. We had 140 KM an hour winds on the Island, over 50,000 homes lost power. I was extremely happy this morning that we hadn't lost any of our trees and we only lost a few of our roof shingles, DH is up on the roof as a type doing the minor repairs. So Monday and Tuesday were my SAL stitching days, not as much progress as I would have like but oh well. The red is finally done so all that is left to do is to finish the white snowflakes which are a 1/4 finished already. Then the beading, hopefully another couple of weeks and I'll be done with this project.

Yesterday's stitching was amazing got so much done on my "Water Garden" might even be back before Monday with a happy dance. Hoping everyone has a warm and wonderful weekend.