Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WOO HOO I'm Back Online

My Internet provider finally dropped me off a new modem and did a few things at the box on the house and on the pole out on the road. So the good news I'm back online at full speed again, the bad news not sure what the cost will be on the next bill. Sorry I missed last Fridays update on Thine Is The Trick And The Treat, thought about posting it today, but will wait until Friday. Not that there has been a lot on the stitching front, it seems every time I try to get comfy to stitch a certain soon to be 3 little boy wants to snuggle on my lap. I'll take the snuggles over the stitching any day of the week. So here is my Wednesday progress pic of On Christmas Day, not much to show since last week.

Not sure with the holidays approaching how much stitchy stuff I'll have to show next week. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

If your still reading, a quick question on my stitched piece. I messed up at the bottom border around JOY, if you look at the corners of PEACE and the bird you can see the corners should be notched. Now which way do you like them better, should I unpick the 2 corner stitches at joy or fill in the 2 corners at peace. Hope I haven't confused or lost you.



  1. Will there be another bird below Joy? If so, can you do the solid corner on that bird? If so, then the top could be notched and the side could be solid.

    If that's not an option - I think I would go with notched corners.

    Glad to see you are back!

  2. Looking good, I hope to update my blog later today with my non-progress on the SAL, LOL. I think either corners are fine, you could always make the other side match the side you have stitched and make the top and bottom have notched corners. Keep up the good work and I will also take cuddles from Marshal over stitching any day.