Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On Christmas Day

A brand new start, everyone loves those. I do any way, so I'm doing another mini SAL with Cat and Wendy this time the Mystery Sampler from The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio that was in the Gift Of Stitching. We agreed to start today and we are going to try to do weekly updates on Wednesdays so those of you that know me can expect my updates to pop up Thursdays at some point. I'm really excited to watch every ones grow nobody really cared for the oranges that it showed in the magazine. I'm doing mine in an off white, red and green. Cat is doing hers in blues and white which is going to look so pretty and Wendy is doing hers with white, gold and a darker pink on gorgeous pink fabby. So it is Wednesday so here is my little update, I took it with me to the hospital today to get a little jump start on mine.

Once again a bad dark photo, but it shows what I got done today. I'm still playing with my list of 15 charts for the Crazy January Challenge hopefully I'll have it fine tuned in the next couple of days to share. Hope everyone is having a warm and wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Love your piece....I too am having to organize what I am doing for the Crazy Challenge...

  2. Lovely new start . Can't wait to see more .

  3. You managed to get a nice chunk done!

  4. You my dear are one busy woman! These are going to be fun to see!

    Smiles -