Thursday, December 9, 2010

A day late but I have a good reason

What a week so far, had to go to Victoria for a Dr's appointment and to get DD passport for her upcoming trip to France. So while I was away, the power went out, no idea what happened all I know is when I left I had the Internet and now I don't. So after spending 2 hours yesterday morning on the phone with my Internet provider, they have decided that it must be something on the power pole or at the main hub. I don't know but they say they might get it fixed on December 20, yep you read that right. So if my updates are random for awhile you will know why. I took my pic yesterday morning had to take it to my Mom's house and borrow her computer to post.

So keep your fingers crossed they fix the problem sooner then later.


  1. That's pretty! Thankfully Mom is nearby that you can use her computer. Dec 20th - Don't they realize you have a life here on the net?

    Hopefully, you'll be back before Christmas!

  2. OMG no wonder I haven't heard from you! I got worried about the baby! Tsk tsk stupid phone ppl! Hope it gets fixed sooner!!!!

  3. What a wonderful start! Looks beautiful!

    Sorry about the internet problems. I was recently without service for two weeks at home because of a miscommunication when I was upgrading from DSL to fiberoptic. It was an adjustment! You don't realize how - dare I say - addicted we are to it until it's unavailable.

  4. I too got worried when I hadn't heard from you. Hope they fix it soon. In the mean time look at all the stitching time you can get to work on the project instead of blog hopping, LOL. By the way your project looks great.

  5. That is a really pretty piece you are working on. I love the colors.
    Sorry to hear about the internet problems. I hope they surprise you and get it fixed quickly.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!