Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Update on TTT

Its Friday and I'm actually posting on time, there might be hope for me yet. I'm disappointed in myself that I don't have more to show on this. I have no excuse just felt like stitching on christmasy stuff. So here is my little update.

Not sure why I'm jumping all over the place on this piece, that isn't usually my stitching style, I know I hate stitching the half stitches on 25 count fabric, I know there was a reason I should have picked a linen and stitched over 2.


  1. You've made great progress! I see you decided to do the lettering in black after all. Those over 1 stitches are driving me wild! Can't imagine how you must be feeling!

    I don't have another project to work on right now. That's why I'm cruising. Waiting for the new year and the 'challenge' to start!

    Looks awesome!