Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally a spare moment to myself

I thought as soon as Christmas arrived the hectic pace would slow down, wrong. Seems I've been going a million miles an hour since. I managed to get caught up on the last several days of blog posts I have missed, going to go back this morning and try to comment on them all, no promises though. I was delighted to hear that everyone had a wonderful holidays and that Santa was good to them. My plans for before New Years to finish Thine Is The Trick And The Treat and to finish figuring out my crazy 15 before they truly drive me crazy. Have a wonderful and safe day filled with many stitches.


  1. Hey, that's my plan too! I want that sucker done before the New Year! And then to frame it before Halloween. (That part is the tricky part ;0))

    Glad to hear you're still around - sorry to hear you are still so busy!

    Happy New Year -

  2. Lol are you still changing your 15 around? Do we need to beat you with some wet noodles?