Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Christmas Day Mystery Sampler

So awhile ago, August to be precise I was looking through the Gift Of Stitching Magazine I flipped the e-pages. Nothing really jumped out and said stitch me at the time, same thing with September. It wasn't until I was looking through Diane's blog and found this that I went WOW. I love it in the red, whites, and greens better then the called for colours. The oranges that were used in the magazine did nothing for me.

So after contemplating I decided on these colours

I'm still not certain of the red I picked might change my mind on that still. I have time I'm stitching this with Cat and Wendy and just between us I don't think either of them have picked out fabric or thread yet. LOL Hurry up ladies are I'll have to get out the wet noodle.


  1. Lol i'm going to get mine this weekend! Promise!

  2. Ok so what DMC numbers are you using Crystal?? LOL, I have my fabric, I just need to figure out floss.

  3. I am going to have to look through my GOS to see the original, can't seem to remember it...but it is pretty on Diane's blog.Designers do not always pick the best colors, they pick their thought anyway. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  4. Totally agree Crystal, the seasonal colours work so much better and far more festive.
    Look forward to seeing your progress soon

  5. Crystal, I am oh so flattered to have inspired you to take a second look at a design that suffers from "designer colors". I will be following your progress. It really is a pleasant stitch. I''ve been chomping at the bit waiting for the final part. :)