Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow, snow and a SAL update

This is what I woke up to this morning, in a freezing house. After we got the generator going and the heaters plugged in it wasn't that bad. We have another snow warning and a wind warning posted again for today. So we might lose power again, the fun of living in the country in the winter.
The first picture is of our snow dog Jack, I'm sure he would move outside until it melts he is like a big kid.

This is a picture looking across one of our fields.

This is looking up our driveway towards the road.

I'm sad to say I didn't get a lot of time to work on the SAL I'm doing with Denise, just seemed something was always coming up. I did get a fair bit of stitching done on various ornaments known that I can show pictures of anyways. My plans for the day after building a snowman with the youngest child include stitching stitching and more stitching, so hopeful there will be more progress to show next Friday.


  1. BRRRRR. Stay warm and keep stitching.

  2. I remember why I left Rhode Island for Arizona...the snow...I do not miss it or the cold.Bundle up and stay warm.

  3. The snow is beautiful. I am happier when the electric goes out in the winter than the summer. I can always add more blankets and burn candles.

    Looks like we're about even on our SAL. Yours is looking great!

    Smiles -Denise

  4. Glad my yard doesn't have that much snow yet. We only got an inch that didn't melt over night but the weather man said more snow is on its way. I love to sit and watch the snow fall while I am stitching.

  5. Ack! Look at the snow! We got our first snow last night but it was gone by this morning :o)

    Your SAL is coming along nicely.