Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Humbug Exchange Recieved

My partner Gillie told me other other day that she received my humbug. The day I took my pictures it was raining up a storm and dark and gloomy, so needless to say I thought I would wait and see if Gillie's pictures turned out better which they did of course. This was stitched for Friendly Stitcher's Humbug Exchange. Just Nan Hootzi Humbug stitched on Mystery fabric from my stash. This first pic I took before I put it together see how gloomy the image is

The next two pictures I borrowed from Gillie's blog.

I'll post a picture of mine that I receive as soon as the snails arrive with it, the post is getting awful these days.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday.


  1. CUTE!!! I love the retro looking owl!

  2. Too cute! Love your owls!

  3. You're very kind to say my pictures are better! Think I should start making another humbug, drat it! Thanks for my owls, love them!

  4. Yay i'm glad yours turned out great! Can't wait to see what you receive in return.

  5. So cute! Well done Crystal :o)

    I hear you! What is it about mail coming to Canada lately???? >:o(