Monday, October 4, 2010

An Afghan Update and A Fresh New Start

I wasn't sure if I should back stitch Eeyore or let him remain the blue lump. Winnie demand to be stitched so I might go back to Eeyore or maybe wait until I've completed the whole afghan. So my question of the day is to you guys back stitch as you go or wait until the end and do it all at once.

I started a new start this morning but I can't share because it's for an exchange, all I can say its its fun so far and I will be stitching another one for myself.


  1. Depends on how much back stitching there is. If there is lots, I do it as I go. Guess it just depends on how much you like back stitching.

    Its looking great, keep up the good work.

  2. I backstitch at the end, but I'm never sure if that's a good idea because I loathe backstitching and it just makes the last few days of a project complete torture.
    Having said that, i'm not sure that I'm organised or logical enough to back stitch as I go along, I can't help thinking that it'd just end in a disaster closely followed by a childish tantrum!

  3. Yay the blanket is coming along nicely! Backstitching usually depends on my mood. :)