Saturday, October 30, 2010

A wonderful way to end a day.

I've been down in the dumps again and a wonderful blogging friend with a heart of gold noticed this, so guess what was sitting in my mailbox for me.

Inside was a necklace for my DD and cute Halloween colouring book for my DS. Candy goody bags for everyone in my family. Warm fuzzy socks for me if I can keep them away from a certain sock thief. And these 2 Halloween stitchy gifts.

I love both the pumpkin scissor fob and the wonderfully stitched little Halloween ornament. It brought tears to my eyes, and I just want to let everyone in blogland know what a special and caring person Cat is, she is also very talented check out her blog here Sorry about the bad pictures but it is a grey and overcast day here.

I'm a bit computer challenged how do, I do a link like the above but instead of the web site it would just say the name Cat, did that make sense.


  1. Yep..Cat is a doll! I got a surprise too from her giveaway. I'll post tomorrow.

    Let's jump out of 'the dumps' together and enjoy some candy. YUM

  2. Lol i'm glad you & the family liked it all. Hope your feeling a bit better now :) I can explain to you later how to do the link its actually quite easy.

  3. Ok, lucky you! I got confused - I thought you sent those to Cat! oops!

    Smiles - Denise

  4. Cathy's my best friend in the whole wide world!! And I love her so much!! I'm so glad she could brighten your day!!! She's got a heart of gold and tons of love to spread around to all her friends!!!