Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got to love the mail man

Warning picture heavy post. I've been blessed with awesome mail lately, you have to love blogging friends. Last week the mail man delivered a lovely parcel from Denise at riversidestitching, she was kind to send a baby gift for little Samuel.

and a picture of Sam wearing the sleeper.

I just love the little feet on the sleeper. Thank you Denise, your friendship means a lot to me.
Then I received the most amazing RAK from Chris at alwayssmiling here is a picture of what she sent.

I adore the sweater she knitted for Samuel, seems Sam was born on the same day as her son was.

I've always been afraid to try a needle roll so I was delighted to see this and will treasure it always.

She also included this cute little kit for making a card.

I did warn you that this was picture heavy, so if your still reading one last picture my feeble attempt at stitching for last week. Frosty and feathered friends has not grown very much.

Hopefully will have better luck with this weeks rotation, which was day 10 from the crazy challenge "Christmas" by Jardin Prive. I forgot just how little stitching time you have with a newborn.
Thank you everyone that stops by and leaves comments.


  1. oooo what lovely surprises :)samuel looks adorable in his little sleep suit :) needlerolls are lovely and are not that bad to do .lol love mouse xxxx

  2. Cute baby!! Babies bring out the best in people, I got so many lovely presents for bith mine. And you are finding time to stitch too! I did nothing except feed with baby no 2 for weeks on end.

  3. Samuel looks soooo comfy in his new PJs. :D He's adorable.

  4. awwwww what a cute jammies for Samuel!! He's so adorable!!!

  5. Awww such cute things! I'm still upset my package still hasn't arrived!!!! I think the postman lost it. :(

  6. Cute jammies on a very cute little boy! I am always impressed whenever you show us anything that you have done at this time. It is amazing to me that you have time to even get on your blog - be impressed with yourself!

  7. Aww, he'll fit in his sleeper for a few more days. He is just adorable! Love the RAK.

    I can't believe you have time to stitch and blog. I would be frazzled.